ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Load Capacity Electric Winch Synthetic Rope Hook Winch Kit Waterproof IP66 Electric Winch

In this blog post, we delve into the world of off-road prowess and introduce you to the unparalleled capabilities of the ZESUPER Electric Winch. With a brief overview of its impressive features, innovative design, and robust specifications, we invite you to discover how this cutting-edge equipment can transform your off-road escapades into seamless and worry-free adventures. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the next frontier of off-road excellence with the ZESUPER Electric Winch.

The Black Frosted Finish

Your off-road companion just got a sleek makeover. The ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch isn’t just a powerhouse; it’s a style statement on wheels. With a black frosted paint finish, this winch not only stands out for its aesthetics but also boasts enhanced durability. Picture your vehicle adorned with a rugged sophistication that not only complements your adventurous spirit but also withstands the harshest terrains.

IP66 Waterproof Rating

Nature can be unpredictable, but your winch shouldn’t be. The ZESUPER Electric Winch takes weather resistance to the next level with an impressive IP66 waterproof rating. Rain or shine, mud or snow – this winch thrives in the face of adversity. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s your shield against the elements, ensuring superior protection and reliability when you need it most.

Improved Insulation Performance

Off-road adventures can be intense, and your equipment needs to keep its cool. The ZESUPER winch goes beyond the basics with improved insulation performance. Efficient heat dissipation becomes the unsung hero, ensuring that your winch operates seamlessly even in the heat of the off-road moment. Say goodbye to overheating concerns and hello to uninterrupted exploration.

2-in-1 Remote Control System

Control at your fingertips, literally. The ZESUPER winch introduces a cutting-edge 2-in-1 remote control system, seamlessly integrating both wired and wireless options. Whether you prefer the traditional reliability of a wired connection or the freedom of wireless control, this winch adapts to your style. It’s your call, your convenience, and your off-road adventure under your command.

Built-in Magnet for Remote Control

Ever wished for a winch that responds like it reads your mind? The ZESUPER winch comes equipped with a built-in magnet for remote control that adds a touch of precision to your off-road experience. No more fumbling or guesswork – just effortless and precise commands. Navigate obstacles with finesse, knowing your winch is attuned to your every move.

Overall Dimensions and Weight

When it comes to off-road equipment, finding the perfect balance between size and strength is key. The ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch hits the sweet spot with dimensions that ensure a powerful presence without being unwieldy. Picture this: 23.6’’x10.2’’x13.4’’ of compact yet robust construction, weighing in at 59.5 lbs. It’s not just a winch; it’s a perfectly proportioned powerhouse ready to take on any challenge without adding unnecessary bulk to your off-road setup.

Drum Size and Wire Rope Specifications

The beating heart of any winch lies in its drum and wire rope, and the ZESUPER winch boasts a combination that redefines reliability. With a drum size of 2.5’’x9’’ and a wire rope measuring Ø0.4’’x85’, this winch ensures not just strength but precision in every pull. Imagine a seamless, controlled retrieval in any situation, thanks to a design that understands the importance of quality components.

Compatibility Across Vehicles

Your off-road companion should be as versatile as your adventures. The ZESUPER Electric Winch steps up to the challenge, designed to complement a range of vehicles. From the nimble ATV and rugged UTV to the sturdy trucks, cars, jeeps, and multipurpose trailers – this winch is a universal fit for off-road enthusiasts. It doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them by seamlessly integrating with various vehicle types, making it the go-to solution for any off-road journey.

Utilization of Pure Copper Cable

Strength and stability are non-negotiables in the world of off-road winching, and the ZESUPER winch doesn’t cut corners. Enter the era of enhanced stability and conductivity with the utilization of pure copper cable. This choice not only ensures a robust and reliable performance but also reflects a commitment to product quality that goes beyond the surface. It’s not just about pulling power; it’s about doing it with a level of integrity that defines the ZESUPER brand.

The 3-Stage Planetary Gear

In the heart of the ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch lies a mechanical marvel – a 3-stage planetary gear system that redefines the dynamics of off-road performance. Picture it as the precision engineer working tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that every pull is not just powerful but controlled. With a gear ratio of 216:1, this winch boasts the kind of force that turns challenging terrains into conquerable landscapes. It’s not just a winch; it’s a calculated powerhouse, ready to tackle whatever the off-road world throws your way.

Seamless Operation: 

Off-road adventures are notorious for throwing unexpected challenges your way. The ZESUPER winch anticipates these challenges with a robust design that incorporates strong current support. This isn’t just about raw power; it’s about ensuring that the motor operates smoothly, even under the most demanding conditions. It’s the kind of reliability that lets you focus on the thrill of the adventure, knowing that your winch is equipped to handle the load with finesse.

Sound Rating of 85 db

In the midst of off-road excitement, the last thing you need is unnecessary noise disrupting the rhythm of your journey. The ZESUPER Electric Winch takes noise control seriously with a sound rating of 85 db. Picture a winching experience that not only commands power but does so with a harmonious hum. It’s the symphony of functionality, where power meets precision without unnecessary clamor.

A Deep Dive into Technical Excellence

In the dynamic realm of off-road conquering, the ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch stands tall as a technological marvel, seamlessly blending power, precision, and reliability. Let’s navigate through the technical intricacies that define this off-road champion:

Rated Single Line Pull

A jaw-dropping 13500 lbs. (6124 kg) capacity, setting a new standard for tackling the most challenging terrains. Demonstrates not just strength but the unwavering pulling prowess that distinguishes the ZESUPER winch.

12V DC 6.0HP Series Wound Motor

A 12V DC motor, packing a robust 6.0HP Series Wound design, becomes the dynamic core of this powerhouse. Ensures consistent and reliable performance, delivering the power needed to overcome any off-road obstacle.

Duty Cycle Rating

A 5% duty cycle rating, echoing the winch’s endurance under heavy loads. Operates for 45 seconds at the maximum rated load, showcasing a calculated resilience that defines its reliability during intense off-road escapades.

3 Stage Planetary Gear Train

The sophisticated 3-stage planetary gear train guarantees precision in every movement. Enabling positive load control, the ZESUPER winch conquers challenging terrains with ease and finesse.

3/8” Clevis Hook

Outfitted with a 3/8” clevis hook, seamlessly replaceable with a spring-loaded safety latch. Prioritizes safety and security during recovery operations, instilling confidence with every pull.

Aluminium Fairlead

An aluminum fairlead takes center stage, guiding the wire rope seamlessly during operation. Enhances the winching experience by prioritizing durability and longevity.

Remote Switch Control

The convenience of remote switch control, offering a seamless and effortless operation. Whether wired or wireless, the control is firmly in your hands, elevating the ease of your off-road adventures.

Ø0.4” x 85′ Wire Rope

A Ø0.4” x 85′ wire rope, meticulously designed for durability and strength. Withstands the harsh rigors of off-road challenges, ensuring a secure and reliable pull every time.

12V DC Minimum 650CCA Battery

Demands a 12V DC battery, boasting a minimum of 650 cold-cranking amps (CCA). Ensures an unwavering power source, a key component for consistent winch performance in diverse conditions.

Overall Dimensions and Weight

A compact design unfolds with overall dimensions of 23.6” x 13.4” x 10.2” (600 x 340 x 260mm). Weighing in at 59.5 lbs (27 kg), it strikes a perfect balance between power and portability, a testament to thoughtful engineering.

Weather-Ready: IP67 Rating A proud bearer of an IP67 rating, signifying exceptional protection against dust and water. Designed to thrive in diverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in any challenging environment.


In the world of off-road accessories, the ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch emerges as the undisputed champion, blending cutting-edge technology with robust engineering to redefine your off-road experience. As we reach the verdict, it’s evident that this winch is more than just a tool; it’s the apex of off-road excellence.

With an impressive 13500 lbs. pulling capacity, the ZESUPER winch unleashes unparalleled strength, making it a formidable force in conquering the toughest terrains. The 12V DC 6.0HP Series Wound Motor serves as the powerhouse, ensuring not just raw power but consistent and reliable performance in every off-road scenario.

Endurance is a hallmark, marked by the 5% duty cycle rating, allowing the winch to operate seamlessly under heavy loads. The 3-stage planetary gear train adds a layer of precision, providing positive load control that transforms challenges into mere obstacles on your off-road journey.

Safety is paramount, with features like the 3/8” Clevis Hook, replaceable with a spring-loaded safety latch, and an Aluminium Fairlead ensuring smooth operation. The convenience of Remote Switch Control puts command right at your fingertips, wired or wireless, enhancing the ease of your off-road adventures.

Durability is not just promised but delivered, with a Ø0.4” x 85′ Wire Rope meticulously designed for strength. Powered by a 12V DC Minimum 650CCA Battery, this winch guarantees a reliable power source for consistent and dependable performance in diverse conditions.

Compact in design, with overall dimensions of 23.6” x 13.4” x 10.2” and weighing 59.5 lbs, the ZESUPER winch strikes a perfect balance between power and portability. Its weather-ready nature, marked by an IP67 rating, ensures it thrives in diverse conditions, promising longevity and reliability in any challenging environment.

As we render our verdict, the ZESUPER 12V 13500 lb Electric Winch stands as the pinnacle of off-road excellence, ready to amplify every twist and turn of your journey. It’s not just a winch; it’s an essential companion for those who seek the epitome of performance, durability, and convenience in their off-road adventures.