Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch with Steel Cable – 97495

Key Specifications and Features:

Impressive Load Capacity

Boasting a robust load capacity of 9,500 lbs., the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 sets the standard for pulling power, ensuring its efficacy in diverse off-road scenarios.

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a 6.6hp Series Wound motor, this winch exemplifies exceptional power and efficiency, making it a reliable companion in demanding situations.

Advanced Gear Train

Featuring a 3-stage planetary gear train with a gear ratio of 161.28:1, the winch ensures smooth and controlled operations, offering precision in challenging landscapes.

Enhanced Control and Safety

Employing a sliding ring gear clutch and an automatic in-drum brake, the winch prioritizes control and safety, allowing users to navigate difficult terrains with confidence.

Durable Construction

Crafted with a dual-stage, powder-coated finish, the winch not only exudes sophistication with its textured black exterior but also stands resilient against the elements, ensuring longevity.

Waterproof Design

With an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, this winch is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for off-road enthusiasts who encounter diverse climates.

Convenient Dimensions

The winch strikes a balance between portability and sturdiness with dimensions of 22.3” (L) x 5.4” (W) x 9.4” (H), weighing in at 78 lbs. Its 93.5” diameter wire rope adds versatility to its functionality.

Seamless Installation

The kit comes complete with all necessary wiring for installation, simplifying the setup process. With a recommended minimum battery rating of 650CCA for winching, integration is streamlined.

Warranty Assurance

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for stainless steel components and a 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty for dual-stage, powder-coated products, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 instills confidence in its durability and longevity.

Winch Dimensions: 

Embodying a meticulous approach to design, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch features dimensions that marry functionality with form. The winch stands at 22.3 inches in length, 5.4 inches in width, and 9.4 inches in height. This thoughtfully crafted structure ensures optimal integration into your off-road setup, complementing both aesthetics and practicality.

Optimal Weight:

At a weight of 78 lbs., this winch strikes a harmonious balance between robustness and portability. Engineered with the user in mind, it remains substantial enough to exude durability while being manageable for installation and maneuverability. This deliberate weight consideration contributes to the winch’s versatility across a spectrum of off-road applications.

Cable Size:

The Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch features a cable of impressive stature, measuring 93.5 inches in diameter. Crafted from resilient wire rope, this component becomes the lifeline in demanding winching scenarios. The substantial cable size enhances the winch’s capability to tackle challenging pulls with confidence and reliability.

Rated Line Pull: 

At the heart of the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch lies a formidable capability, boasting a rated line pull of 9,500 lbs. This robust pulling capacity positions the winch as a reliable force when faced with demanding off-road challenges, underscoring its prowess in tackling various scenarios with unwavering strength.

Motor Specifications: 

The beating heart of this winch is its 6.6hp Series Wound motor, a testament to the commitment to high-performance engineering. This series wound motor not only ensures a potent power delivery but also guarantees efficiency, making it a crucial component in navigating through challenging terrains with precision and confidence.

Control Switch:

Equipped with a remote switch featuring a 12-foot lead, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 winch places control firmly in the hands of the user. This remote functionality not only enhances convenience but also provides a safe operating distance, allowing users to command the winch with precision, even in intricate off-road situations.

Gear Train: Three Stages of Precision

The winch’s 3-stage planetary gear train stands as a hallmark of precision engineering. Operating seamlessly with a gear ratio of 161.28:1, this gear train ensures controlled and efficient power distribution, translating into a smooth and reliable winching experience.

Clutch Type: 

Aiding in the winch’s user-friendly design is the sliding ring gear clutch. This mechanism allows for seamless engagement and disengagement, empowering users with effortless control over the winch’s operation. The design philosophy behind the sliding ring gear clutch is rooted in enhancing the overall user experience.


Safety takes center stage with the inclusion of an automatic in-drum brake. This feature ensures that the winch halts promptly when required, adding an extra layer of assurance during winching operations. The automatic in-drum brake is a critical component that contributes to the winch’s reliability and user safety.

Waterproof Rating: 

In the unpredictable realm of off-road adventures, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch sets itself apart with a steadfast commitment to waterproof integrity. Earning an impressive IP67 waterproof rating, this winch is a beacon of reliability in the face of challenging environmental conditions. This waterproof seal ensures that the winch remains impervious to water, allowing enthusiasts to forge ahead with confidence, irrespective of the elements.

State-of-the-Art 500AMP Solenoid: 

At the core of the winch’s power distribution lies a state-of-the-art 500AMP solenoid. This cutting-edge component not only exemplifies precision in electrical control but also enhances the overall reliability of the winch. The incorporation of advanced solenoid technology ensures optimal power delivery, further solidifying the winch’s standing as a dependable off-road companion.

Construction Material:

The Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch stands as a testament to durability through its construction material. Crafted with a dual-stage, powder-coated finish, this winch embodies resilience against the rigors of off-road terrain. The dual-stage coating not only fortifies the winch against external forces but also adds a layer of aesthetic sophistication, ensuring that durability meets elegance in this meticulously engineered accessory.


The winch’s exterior finish, presented in a textured black hue, serves as more than just a visual flourish. This finish encapsulates a commitment to longevity and resistance to environmental wear and tear. Beyond aesthetics, the textured black finish is a deliberate choice that contributes to the winch’s ability to withstand the test of time, maintaining its performance and appearance throughout countless off-road excursions.

Comprehensive Installation Kit: 

Elevating user convenience to the forefront, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch arrives as a complete package, inclusive of all wiring essentials for a seamless installation process. This thoughtful inclusion within the kit ensures that users, whether seasoned off-road enthusiasts or novices, can embark on the installation journey with confidence, avoiding the hassle of sourcing additional components.

Optimal Battery Requirement: 

Central to the winch’s performance is the stipulation of a recommended minimum battery rating of 650CCA for winching operations. This specification underscores the winch’s commitment to optimal power utilization, ensuring that it operates at its peak efficiency. By adhering to this recommended battery threshold, users can harness the full potential of the Smittybilt XRC GEN2, navigating challenging scenarios with unwavering power.

Generous Battery Leads: 

Facilitating a user-friendly installation process, the winch comes equipped with substantial 22mm2 battery leads, each spanning a generous length of 72 inches. This generous lead length not only accommodates various vehicle configurations but also provides flexibility in mounting the winch. The emphasis on ample battery leads is a testament to the winch’s adaptability, allowing users to tailor the installation to their specific off-road setups.

Precision Mounting Bolt Pattern: 

The Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch distinguishes itself through a meticulously engineered mounting bolt pattern, measuring at 10.0 inches by 4.5 inches. This precision in the mounting design serves a dual purpose – not only does it ensure stability during operation but also allows for versatile integration across various off-road vehicles. The commitment to an optimal mounting bolt pattern underscores the winch’s adaptability to diverse configurations, providing users with a solid foundation for their off-road endeavors.

Overall Dimensions: 

With a focus on achieving a harmonious balance of form and function, the overall dimensions of the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 winch are crafted with precision. Measuring at 20.88 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 7.4 inches in height, this winch strikes a balance between compactness and substance. These dimensions contribute to the winch’s ability to seamlessly integrate into off-road setups, ensuring a sleek and purposeful presence without compromising on its robust capabilities.

Optimized Drum Size: 

The drum, a pivotal component in winching operations, is carefully calibrated in the Smittybilt XRC GEN2. With a diameter of 2.5 inches (63.5mm) and a length of 10.0 inches (254mm), the drum is optimized for efficiency. This meticulous sizing ensures a balanced distribution of the wire rope, enhancing the winch’s pulling capabilities while maintaining a compact footprint. The attention to drum dimensions is a testament to the winch’s commitment to operational excellence and user-centric design.

Recap of Key Features and Specifications: 

As we conclude our exploration of the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch, let’s take a moment to recap the key features and specifications that define this exceptional off-road companion.

  • Load Capacity and Power:
    • The winch boasts an impressive 9,500 lbs. rated line pull, empowered by a robust 6.6hp Series Wound motor.
    • Its 3-stage planetary gear train, with a gear ratio of 161.28:1, ensures precision and efficiency in every operation.
  • Waterproof Design and Durability:
    • A standout feature is its IP67 waterproof rating, making it impervious to challenging environmental conditions.
    • Crafted with a dual-stage, powder-coated finish and a textured black exterior, the winch embraces durability with sophistication.
  • Convenience in Installation:
    • The kit includes all wiring necessary for installation, reflecting a commitment to user convenience.
    • Generous battery leads, a recommended minimum battery rating of 650CCA, and seamless integration underscore the winch’s user-friendly design.
  • Precision Mounting and Dimensions:
    • A precision mounting bolt pattern of 10.0″ x 4.5″ ensures stability and adaptability across diverse off-road configurations.
    • The overall dimensions of 20.88″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 7.4″ (H) strike a harmonious balance of form and function.
    • The optimized drum size contributes to operational efficiency and a compact footprint.

Emphasis on Reliability, Durability, and Performance:

In the landscape of off-road accessories, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch emerges not merely as a tool but as a symbol of reliability, durability, and unwavering performance.

  • Reliability:
    • With a 9,500 lbs. load capacity and a powerful 6.6hp motor, this winch stands ready to tackle the most demanding off-road challenges.
    • The inclusion of a remote switch with a 12-foot lead adds an element of control that aligns with user needs.
  • Durability:
    • Waterproof design with an IP67 rating ensures the winch remains a steadfast companion regardless of environmental conditions.
    • Dual-stage, powder-coated construction, coupled with a textured black finish, speaks to its resilience against wear and tear.
  • Performance:
    • Precision engineering in the form of a 3-stage planetary gear train and a sliding ring gear clutch guarantees operational excellence.
    • The automatic in-drum brake enhances safety, offering peace of mind during winching operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch

Q1: What is the load capacity of the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch?

A: The winch boasts an impressive 9,500 lbs. rated line pull, making it a formidable tool for various off-road applications.

Q2: Is the winch waterproof, and what is its rating?

A: Yes, the winch is completely waterproof with an IP67 rating, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.

Q3: What type of motor does the winch feature?

A: The winch is equipped with a powerful 6.6hp Series Wound motor, providing optimal power and efficiency.

Q4: Can I control the winch remotely?

A: Yes, the winch comes with a remote switch featuring a 12-foot lead, allowing for convenient and safe control during operations.

Q5: What is the recommended battery for winching with this product?

A: The recommended minimum battery rating for optimal winching performance is 650CCA.

Q6: Does the kit include all necessary wiring for installation?

A: Yes, the kit is comprehensive and includes all the wiring required for a streamlined and hassle-free installation process.

Q7: What is the warranty coverage for this winch?

A: The Smittybilt XRC GEN2 comes with a lifetime warranty for stainless steel components, a 5-year or 100,000-mile warranty for dual-stage, powder-coated products, a lifetime mechanical warranty, and a 3-year electrical warranty.

Final Words: 

In the world of off-road adventures, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch stands as a paragon of reliability, durability, and performance. With a robust load capacity, cutting-edge features like a waterproof design and remote control, and meticulous construction, this winch is engineered to exceed expectations. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrains or seeking a reliable companion for off-road escapades, the Smittybilt XRC GEN2 is a testament to precision engineering and a worthy investment in elevating your off-road experience. Equip yourself with the best and forge ahead into a world of limitless possibilities.