5. Rugged Ridge 15100.07 Trekker Winch,10,000 LBS


The Rugged Ridge 12,500 LB Trekker Synthetic Rope Winch is designed to provide today’s off-road enthusiasts with exceptional power and reliability. With its superior quality and impressive features, this winch is sure to conquer any challenge and outperform the competition. The heavy-duty 5.6 series-wound motor and 3-stage planetary drive gear deliver consistent pull strength, while the 212:1 gear ratio ensures quicker line speeds to get you back to wheeling in no time.

But what really sets the Trekker Series Winch apart is its ability to withstand even the toughest conditions. With an IP-68 waterproof rating, this winch is practically impervious to water, dirt, and sand that can leave lesser winches in a billow of smoke.

Plus, with a wireless remote and 26 meters of synthetic line, the Trekker Series Winch is both convenient and easy to use. And to top it all off, Rugged Ridge backs every winch with an industry-leading five-year limited warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Powerful and Durable: The Rugged Ridge Trekker Series Winches:

The Rugged Ridge Trekker Series of electric recovery winches are designed to provide off-road enthusiasts with a reliable and powerful option for their winching needs. The 5.6 / 6.6 series-wound motor delivers consistent pull strength through a bulletproof 3-stage planetary gear system. The impressive 212:1 gear ratio also means that you can enjoy quicker line speeds, making it an ideal option for those who want to get back to their off-road adventures as soon as possible.

The Trekker Series Winches are built to withstand the toughest conditions imaginable, ensuring that they can handle any terrain you encounter. The winches have an impressive IP-68 waterproof rating, making them practically impervious to water, dirt, and sand that can leave lesser winches struggling. With a wireless remote and 26-meter synthetic line, or with a traditional steel cable and weatherproof wired remote, the Trekker Series Winches offer the ultimate in convenience and versatility.

These winches also feature a 6.0 HP motor and weather-sealed solenoid (contactor) to reduce damage from rain, snow, and blowing dust. The heavy-duty 12 feet rubber hand-held remote has a field-proven design that provides effortless switching. The synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead protect your vehicle against rust or wear, ensuring that your winch continues to perform at its best for years to come.


  • Dimensions: ‎24 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches

  • Gearing: 3-stage planetary gearbox with 216: 1 gear ratio
  • Controls: remote
  • Waterproof: IP-68 waterproof rating
  • Pulling capacity: 12,500 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty


  • The Jeep Trekker Winch is a powerful 6.6HP series wound winch with a 12,500lbs pulling capacity and 7ft/min line speed.

  • Its 3-stage planetary gear box with 216:1 gear ratio ensures power and reliability.
  • IP-68 waterproof rating makes it impervious to water, dirt, and sand.
  • Rugged Ridge offers a range of off-road accessories including steel winches, synthetic rope, and deep water snorkels.
  • 5-year warranty for Jeep parts & accessories, and limited lifetime warranty for floor liners.

Rugged Ridge Jeep Winches and Accessories:

ELECTRIC JEEP WINCH: This powerful winch offers 12,500lbs of pulling capacity with a 6.6HP series wound motor and 3-stage planetary gearbox. It’s a reliable choice for off-road enthusiasts looking for speed and power.

JEEP TREKKER WINCH WITH WIRED REMOTE: This winch is waterproof, built with steel, and comes with a wired remote that lets you operate it from a distance. It’s perfect for off-roading and can handle tough conditions.

OFFROAD ACCESSORIES: Rugged Ridge offers a range of off-road accessories including tow hooks, hitches, and snorkel kits to help you get out of sticky situations. Choose from steel winches, synthetic ropes, and deep-water snorkels for added safety.

RUGGED RIDGE JEEP PARTS: Rugged Ridge offers a variety of proven Jeep parts and accessories, including bumpers, lift kits, wheels, interior accessories, and floor liners that fit various Jeep models.

FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: Rugged Ridge stands behind their products and offers a five-year warranty on their winches and a limited lifetime warranty on their floor liners. Customers can enjoy repair or replacement subject to certain exclusions.


The Rugged Ridge 15100.25 Trekker Winch is a powerful and reliable winching solution for off-road enthusiasts. With a 12,500lbs pulling capacity and a 3-stage planetary gear box with a 216:1 gear ratio, it delivers consistent pull strength and quicker line speeds. Its IP-68 waterproof rating makes it impervious to water, dirt, and sand, and it comes with a handy wireless remote for added convenience. With this winch, you can conquer any off-road challenge with ease.