Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Series Electric Winch | Synthetic Rope – PRO12000S

Key Features and Specifications:

12,000 LB. Pro Series Electric Winch

Begin a remarkable pulling capacity, making it an ideal companion for off-road adventures and recovery missions.

Powerful 6HP Motor

Drive with confidence, propelled by a formidable 6HP motor that ensures a reliable and efficient operation.

Gear Ratio: 265:1, 3 Stage Planetary

Precision and speed converge with a gear ratio of 265:1 and a 3-stage planetary system, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.

Sliding Ring Gear Clutch and Auto Drum Braking

Experience smooth engagement and disengagement with the sliding ring gear clutch, coupled with auto drum braking for enhanced safety during operations.

Synthetic Rope:

Redefining strength with a 3/8″ x 85 FT synthetic rope that not only lightens the load but also adds flexibility without compromising on durability.

Wired Remote Control, Clevis Hook, Hawse Fairlead

Take command from a distance with the wired remote control, and secure your load effortlessly with the clevis hook and hawse fairlead, offering versatility in every winching scenario.

Water and Dust Proof Rating: 

Conquer the elements with confidence, as the IP67 water and dustproof rating ensures that the winch remains impervious to the harshest conditions.

8. Warranty Coverage: 1 Year Electrical, 2 Year Mechanical Rest easy knowing your investment is protected, with a 1-year electrical and 2-year mechanical warranty from Rough Country.

Mastering Efficiency: The Operational Brilliance of Rough Country’s PRO Winch

3-Stage Planetary Gear System

The heart of the Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Series Electric Winch lies in its 3-stage planetary gear system. This sophisticated design delivers more than just raw strength; it combines high-speed efficiency with impeccable torque performance. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrains or executing a delicate recovery, this gear system ensures optimal performance in every winching scenario.

Sliding Ring Gear Clutch

Experience the epitome of control with the sliding ring gear clutch. This feature guarantees smooth engagement and disengagement, allowing you to fine-tune your winching operations with precision. No jerks, no surprises—just a seamlessly controlled winching experience that adapts to your command.

Auto In Drum Braking

Safety takes center stage with the auto in-drum braking system. As you embark on recovery missions or navigate tricky landscapes, this innovative braking mechanism ensures enhanced safety during operations. Your winching maneuvers become more secure, minimizing the risk and offering peace of mind in every pull.

Wired Remote Control

The Rough Country winch puts control in the palm of your hands—literally. The wired remote control allows you to orchestrate the entire winching process with ease. With user-friendly operation and the convenience of handling from a distance, you can guide the winch precisely, ensuring a seamless recovery operation every time.

Hand Control with 12 FT Cable

For those moments when hands-on control is paramount, the hand control with a generous 12 FT cable steps in. Effortlessly manage cable release and retrieval, giving you the tactile connection needed for fine-tuned adjustments. This feature ensures that you remain in command, even in situations that demand a hands-on approach.

Synthetic Rope:

The synthetic rope in the Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Series Electric Winch is more than just a replacement for traditional steel cables—it’s a strategic enhancement. Lighter, safer, and more versatile, this synthetic rope is a key component that elevates your winching experience, providing the strength you need without compromising on convenience and safety. Explore the advantages and redefine your expectations with Rough Country’s PRO Winch.

A Final Verdict on Rough Country’s PRO Winch:

As we bring our exploration of the Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Series Electric Winch to a close, it’s evident that this powerhouse of a winch is more than just a tool—it’s a statement of excellence. With a robust design, cutting-edge features, and a commitment to performance, Rough Country has crafted a winching solution that exceeds expectations.

Reliability in Every Detail

From the high-torque 6HP motor to the meticulously engineered 3-stage planetary gear system, every detail of this winch has been designed with reliability in mind. Whether you find yourself navigating challenging terrains or executing precise recoveries, the Rough Country PRO Winch stands ready to deliver.

Conquering the Elements

The IP67 water and dustproof rating ensure that the winch remains impervious to the elements. Whether you’re facing rain, mud, or dust storms, this winch is built to endure, providing you with confidence and peace of mind on every adventure.

Operational Mastery

The operational convenience offered by features like the sliding ring gear clutch, auto in-drum braking, and the user-friendly wired remote control is a testament to the thoughtfulness in design. Rough Country empowers you with control and safety, making every winching operation a seamless and secure experience.

Synthetic Rope Brilliance

The inclusion of a 3/8″ x 85 FT synthetic rope not only redefines strength but also introduces a new level of safety and convenience. Lightweight, durable, and buoyant, the synthetic rope complements the winch’s overall excellence, offering a reliable solution for a variety of recovery scenarios.

Warranty Assurance

Backed by Rough Country’s warranty coverage—1 Year Electrical, 2 Year Mechanical—you can trust that your investment is safeguarded. It’s a testament to the brand’s confidence in the durability and performance of the PRO Winch.

The Final Verdict

In the realm of electric winches, the Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Series Electric Winch emerges as a leader. It’s more than a tool for recovery; it’s a companion for exploration, a guardian against the unexpected, and a symbol of unwavering reliability. Elevate your off-road experience with Rough Country’s PRO Winch, where excellence meets adventure.