10 Best 12000 lb Winches Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A winch should have our most substantial pulling power and medium capacity to help us across snow and ice. The latter will cause serious considerations of several factors if we only want to use the former’s capacity.

If you’re off-track and in difficult off-terrain distress, a best 12000 lb winch should be the preferred rescue option. It can pull you through a challenging situation quickly. The best resurrections use this type of integrated winch.

You can find 10 units that will tide you over in your off-road disasters. Our team of experts has made a rundown of good and bad reviews of the best 12000 lb winch items, describing them in detail. The top-quality products you are looking for always stay surrounded by low-quality products in the stores.

That is where this article comes from your help. Our experts have made a rundown of all the reviews about 12000 lb winches, explaining their10 units that will last through any disaster.

1. Smittybilt X2O Comp – Waterproof Synthetic rope winch

People who buy Smittybilt have had a great experience. They love the 2-in-1 operation and easy-to-use wireless remote controls. The winch is suitable for 500 AMP integrated Solenoid users, which is even better because of its range of work and high efficiency. Energy is also great for users, as it is even more efficient than other technologies.

  • The Smittybilt98512 winch features an IP68 waterproof rating and a line pull of 12,000 lbs (5,454 kgs) per line.
  • The remote switch is powered by a 6.6 hp series motor and can reach 12 feet (3.0m) in length.
  • The 3-stage planetary gear train is a revolutionary design.
  • The gear ratio is 265 to 1, clutch: sliding rings, brake: out-of-drum.
  • Size of drum: Diameter 2.5 inches, and wire cable: 98.5 feet, 3/8 inches in diameter. Type of cable synthetic rope Fairlead hawse. The recommended battery is 650CCA for winching batteries; the battery leads at 25 square millimetres. inches
  • Its geartrain is an innovative 3-stage planetary. Gear ratio 265:1, the clutch is a sliding ring gear, brake: automatic out of the drum.
  • Dimensions of drum Diameter 2.5 inches and wire cable: 98.5 feet 3/8 inches in diameter, type of cable artificial rope.
  • Fairlead type: hawse. Minimum recommended battery: 650CCA for winching batteries; battery leads to 25 square millimetres. Inches (1 .83m). And texture black finish


  • Pulling capacity: 12,000 lbs 
  • Gear train: 3 stage planetary
  • Motor: 6.6HP series wound motor
  • Dimension: ‎22.3 x 5.4 x 9.4 inches
  • Battery lead: 25 square millimetres, 72 inches (1.83m).
  • Brake: automatic in the drum brake
  • Control: remote with 12 feet (3.7m) lead.
  • Easy to control
  • Dynamic braking system
  • Waterproof surface
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty with 5 years of electrical
  • Remote and manual controls
  • Remote control has quite a smaller range as compared to others
  • Lack of solenoid mounting


It is a great winch that will get you closer to your goals with excellent results. It is a long-spydura synthetic rope that can help in all working conditions. It will perform for you if the obstacle is nearer or further away. Therefore, take it up and feel with no hassle.

2. X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

You are close to the 12,000-pound bull winch, but you don’t have the cash to buy it. That is why we bought this winch for our customers. It’s a small fraction of cash! It comes with the power “in” and motor temperature to ensure positive load control.

With ease, the 26-meter cable can pull about 12,000 pounds of weight. A stainless steel fasteners wire can drag massive vehicle weight without much effort.


X-Bull 12,000lb Winch comes with two hand controllers and modern wireless remote controllers to provide comfort and convenience. The brake and the automatic load-holding feature provide the highest level of security during operation.

X bull winches are an affordable option to replace the synthetic rope. It utilizes a high-tensile steel cable in place of synthetic rope, making it powerful enough to lift 12000 pounds of weight easily and without suffering wear and tear. The four-way fairlead roller ensures that the winch will be able to maintain a operate smoothly, and the cover protects against corrosion.


  • Weight pulling weight capacity: 12,000 lbs 
  • Gear train: 3 stage planetary 
  • Break: automatic break holding brake
  • Waterproof: waterproof with Corrosion Resistant
  • Dimensions: 530mm × 165mm × 235mm
  • Drum size: 64mm × 224mm
  • Cable: steel wire
  • Length of cable: 9.5mm × 26m
  • Bolt Pattern: 254mm × 114mm
  • Fairlead: 4-Way Roller Fairlead
  • Dual remote controls
  • Convertible control pack
  • Better safety with the operation
  • Easy to use
  • low Budget winch
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Waterproof with Corrosion Resistant
  • synthetic winch rope
  • Darts could be of better qualityShorter remote range


If you are looking for a winch backed by robust pulling capacity and rooted in solid metal cable, this unit is for you, available at an affordable price, not breaking the bank.

3. Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch –Amazon’s choice

The Smittybilt winch is a durable and powerful winch with an electric motor of 12 volts with 6.6 horsepower. It features a three-stage metal gear train with a gear ratio customized to maximize winch pulling power and extremely fast line speeds.

It’s also designed to pull up to 12,000 pounds. The winch can keep your vehicle’s brake system in the drum and slide the ring gear clutch. If you’ve always wanted an easy remote operation, you’ll be happy to find this feature. It is also able to be mounted in three different positions.


The Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch is a powerful winch that stands up to harsh weather. It has a handheld wired remote control for controlling the braking system. You can also control the winch with a live wire remote. The waterproof synthetic rope winch and robust wire rope are included. 

The 4-way roller is waterproof and has an83 pounds of item weight. You have got a corded yet efficient remote that can handle any project you put on it.


  • Rated pull line: 9,500 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.3″ L x 5.4″ W x 9.4″ H |
  • Gear train: 3 stage planetary 
  • Fairlead: 4 ways roller 
  • Metal: stain less steel 
  • water proof: completely waterproof 
  • Drum size: 2.5″ (63.5mm) diameter 
  • Battery leads: 22mm2, 72″(1.83m)
  • Mounting bolt: 10.0 ” by 4.5 “
  • Cable length: 94′ Length 5/16″ Diameter.
  • Strong, durable, and reliable winch
  • Easy to assemble
  • lifetime mechanical warranty 5 years electrical warranty
  • Highest torque motor as compared to other winches
  • 79 feet long cable
  • Not as waterproof as they claim


Both manual and electrical functions are very reliable and assist customers. This is the right product to purchase for those who want to get rid of all anxiety.

4. WARN 96815 VR10-S Electric 12V Winch 

The Warn 12000-pound electric connection winch fits most vehicles quickly and is reliable. The motor is powerful and can handle a lot of off-road loads. This model maximizes your control and winching.


Waterproof Albright is a top-of-the-line contractor control system for the most powerful, efficient, low-profile design to fit most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. The series-wound motor provides the best-in-class automatic load-holding system with a power ratio of 261:1. It’s also Fotch protected for superior control and safety.


  • Rated pull line: 10,000 lbs., (4536 kgs.) 
  • Brake: automatic mechanical cone brake
  • Geartrain: 3 stage planetary
  • Motor: series wound 12V
  • Rope: Synthetic: 90′ x 3/8″ (9.5mm x 27.4m)
  • Paint job:powder coat under primer coating 
  • Dimensions of winch: ‎25.5 x 13.75 x 8 inches | 
  • Powerful series wound motor
  • Long synthetic rope
  • Waterproof
  • Value to money
  • handheld remote
  • Expensive


This winch is easy to fit on any vehicle, thanks to its low-profile design with high efficiency, Not to mention the power and sturdiness familiar with high-end rescue tools like that.

5. Rough Country 12,000 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

Were you still looking for a 12000 lb electric winch? The Rough Country PRO12000 is the perfect choice for you. Its 3-stage gearbox and sliding gear-free spooling clutch ensure that your off-road journey remains a fun experience for you.

The dustproof and waterproof design succeeds in weathering harsh climates. The IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof design include a 100-feet wire rope, making it easier to reach the winch and make unhackable straps. The power (6.0 HP) motor is used to back the heavy load pulling, making it easy to pull weight over with comfortable results.


This product is a 12000 LB. Pro Series Electric Winch | Steel Cable motor and cable. It has a gear ratio of 265:1 and 3-stage planetary arms with sliding ring gear clutch in gear and auto brakes. 

Winch can handle 12000 LBs in Headingly enabled directions with ease. It includes a Wired remote, clevis hook, 4-way roller fairlead, and 300 CFM lightweight capacity engine.


  • Weight pulling capacity: 12,000 lbs
  • Motor: powerful 6 hp motor
  • Gear: 3 Stage Planetary gearing system with Sliding Ring Gear Clutch
  • Breaking: automatic drum breaking
  • Fairlead: 4 ays roller fairlead
  • Controls: remote controls
  • Cable: 3/8″ x 94 FT Steel Cable
  • Waterproof: dustproof and waterproof IP rating ip67
  • Easily carry heavyweights
  • Extra-long winching rope
  • Easy to assemble
  • The slight issue in the gearbox


You are getting a vast array of powerful tools, including a robust pulling power unit, long winch string, and premium construction, in a single unit – worth considering if you’re not already interested.

6. OFF-ROAD BOAR 13000-lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch 

The winch is a waterproof rating and an automatic brake system. This makes it easier to control the load and stops rolling back.

This technology offers a better control box over the load and prevents rollback. However, the weight and body size of the device makes it difficult to maintain a constant speed or level head even when using just one hand.


The Winch will be used in harsh environments thanks to the 6.0 HP motor. It also has a 3-stage planetary gear with a 265:1 gear ratio of synthetic ropes and 13000 pounds capacity. The performance of the winch is empty and 3.6 meters per hour once fully loaded. This winch is suitable for all types of harsh conditions.

The towing winch’s secure and long-lasting design protects the engine from moisture and rain. The IP67 waterproof design shields it from being damaged during the operation and offers strong resistance to corrosion and overload security.

The winch kit has a dual remote-control mode, including advanced wireless remote control and a wired control remote switch.

We offer a range of products to help you with your car. Our support is lifetime technical Support and a one-year limited warranty with your purchase. 


  • Pulling load weight capacity: 12000 lbs
  • Waterproof: IP67 waterproof
  • Dimensions: 20.8 x 6.5 x 8.6″ (L x W x H),
  • Geartrain: 3stage planetary
  • Controls: wire and wireless controller switch
  • Rope: synthetic rope
  • Efficiency: 22 feet per minute, 3.6 feet per minute when empty, and 2.8 feet per minute when fully loaded.
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime technical warranty
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reliable performance winch
  • Short power cable


An off-road, electric winch that is reliable and has value. It is a compact, efficient, and powerful kit installed on many vehicles. The low-profile design allows multiple installation options. It has a powerful 13000lb tension series motor installed in many vehicles.

7. Rough Country 12,000 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

Rough Country offers professional recovery for all Off-Road conditions. High-powered and high-quality recovery products are IP67 waterproof, making them ideal for a bit murky situations.

RoughCountry’s new rugged design is resistant to water, dirt, and sand. RoughCountry’s PRO Winch Systems have an IP67 Waterproof rating and are dustproof. They provide reliable recovery to help you get home safely.


This winch includes a 12000 LB. Pro Series electric winch featuring Synthetic Rope (Motor 6HP Gear Ratio 265:1,3 stage Planetary, with Sliding Ring Clutch for Gears and Auto Drum Braking). Rough Country backs it for 1 year of electrical and 2 Years Mechanical Warranty.


  • Pulling weight capacity: 12,000lbs 
  • Motor: 6HP powerful motor
  • Waterproof: waterproof and dustproof IP rating IP67
  • Rope: Synthetic rope
  • Rope length: 3/8″ x 85 FT3/8″ x 85 FT
  • Clevis hook
  • Hawse fairlead
  • Geartrain: 3stage planetary
  • Gear ratio: 265:1 265:1
  • Clutch: sliding ring gear free spooling clutch
  • Break: automatic drum braking system
  • Elite electric Heavy duty
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • 1 year electrical 2-year mechanical warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value to money
  • wireless remote
  • Low box quality


The only complaint was that the control box was slim. In the process of installing the wireless remote when installing the wireless remote, it was difficult to determine where everything needed to be. In addition, customers are amazed by its power and performance.

8. Tungsten4x4 T12000S Offroad 12000 lbs Load Capacity 12V Electric Winch

Tungsten4x4 T12000S Offroad 12000lbs capacity 12V electric winch Tungsten4x4 provides the T12000 winch, which is designed for self-recovery on jeeps and trucks as 4×4 modified off-road vehicles. It’s ideal for car trailers towing boat tractors, and light industrial applications. With a full load capacity that can reach 12000 lbs,

this tow truck is equipped with a powerful 6.5 horsepower motor that can handle the majority of heavy-duty trucks. Made of durable rubber and 10 feet of hand control gives you the ability to connect effortlessly. Furthermore, the T12000 winch has an all-around roller fairlead and a hook that prot. This winch gives a three-year limited warranty.


This Series motor with high-performance features a 6.5 HP/4.8 Kw rating. It also has a smooth-running clutch lever and a capacity of 12000 pounds for a single-line pull. It’s also totally waterproof, with an IP67 rating, and can handle HOGs of up to 3 years of warranty.

Tungsten4x4 has a T12000 winch specifically designed for self-recovery on jeeps, trucks, 4×4 off-road, and modified vehicles. It’s ideal for car trailers, boat towing, tractors, and light industrial applications. With a capacity for pulling loads that can reach 12000 lbs, this tow truck is equipped with a powerful 6.5 horsepower motor that can handle the majority of heavy-duty trucks.


  • Rated pull line: 12,000 lbs 
  • Waterproof: IP67 rating waterproof
  • Dimension: 21.4 inch x 6.3 inch x 7.4 inch (L x W x H)
  • Controls: wireless remote 
  • Motor: 6.5 HP powerful motor 12V DC series wound
  • Gairtrain: 3 stage planetary
  • Hawse fairlead
  • Hook
  • Rope: synthetic rope
  • Clutch: smoot clutch lever
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Very powerful and reliable
  • Waterproof work in any critical condition
  • Value to money
  • Nothing all fine


The MOB is perfect if you’re looking for a powerful, lightweight tool that can serve as a rescue tool. This Tools of the Trade product weighs around 12,000 pounds and is designed to fight decay and hostile weather.

9. WARN 17801 M12000 12000-lb Winch

The winch made by Warn Industries comes to aid those stuck in a ditch, spinning in the snow, or stuck deep in muddy. This powerful winch can pull 12,000 pounds.


The electric winch has a Voltage Rating of 12VDC Motor HP 4.6 Winch Gear type 3 stage planetary, 1st Layer load capacity of 12,000 pounds. Complete loading amps, 440, and clutch release, yes Free Spooling Clutz Type lever. Pulley block not included, Rope Dia. 3/8 inches. It included a Rope length of 125 feet. A mechanical brake is, yes overall length of 24-3/8 inches. Overall width 8-1/2 inches. Series M series with not a line speed of 30.0 fpm

Powered by an electric motor and chain, our self-recovery winch can help when you are stuck in the ditch spinning or bogged down in the mud.

The heavy-duty winch is easy to mount anywhere on your rig without jumping out or grabbing your favorite pair of jeans. The 12,000-pound pulling capacity makes it ideal for high-pressure conditions. 4.6 HP Series WoundTM motor. No-load retrieval speed is fast at 30 ft./min, which makes this winch comfortable to use at home or in the car.

The gear train is a famous and proven three-stage plan- that includes gear, etc. This system contains 125 feet of wire rope 3/8″ in diameter, hook, remote controls for 12′ leads, clutch, roller fairlead, and battery cables. Can it be pulling load capacity with 4.6 horsepower for 12000 pounds for a horse with a minute?

  • Made for heavy-duty vehicles or trucks
  • Stainless steel construction
  • cable
  • Value to money
  • Not suitable for lightweight vehicles.


Warn brand offers a long, scalable, and affordable winch that it can use. The construction is durable enough to be used in muddy or watery surroundings. The overall construction is durable; experts in the field have used it.

10. Yescom 12000lbs 12V 6.6HP Electric Recovery Winch

Yescom is a company that has broadened its range to include items from different categories. The e-commerce business was first started in February 2002, when Yescom released a cellphone accessory box. This 12,000 lb winch is now equipped with a 6.6 hp/ 4.8 kW 12 V DC series wind motor and a three-stage planetary gear train.

This winch weighs around 83 lbs, and its dimensions are 26.3 x 15.2 x 12 inches. This winch can be attached to any type of line rope, making it perfect for large or long lines. The four-way roller fairlead provides for multidirectional movement of the line wire rope, which makes it easy to move over a wide range of conditions.


  • Rated line pull: 12,000 lbs
  • Geartrain: 3 stage planetary
  • Fairlead: 4 ways roller fairlead 
  • Breaking: automatic drum breaking
  • Controls: wired and wireless optional remote controls 
  • Remote lead: 12ft (370 cm) lead
  • Clutch: sliding ring clutch 
  • Battery lead: 2 gauge
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable and reliable
  • It fits on every vehicle
  • Long remote lead
  • Overheating

Winch buying guide: 

Before buying a winch, you should consider these things.

1. Types of winches:

Winches are powered in two distinct ways. Electric winch and hydraulic winch Electrical winches are the most common type as they receive their source of power from the truck’s battery and electrical system. On the other hand, hydraulic winches get their source of pulling power from a vehicle’s steering pump.

Electric winch:

The electrical system of winches is a valuable tool to have in your vehicle. They are more convenient to use than their mechanical counterparts and can be used effectively on some types of vehicles, such as trucks and jeeps. An electrical winch is excellent because it has electrical control, making it easier to operate since you don’t have to cable it down.

An electric winch also has better recovery speeds than other models and a remote control operation that allows you to use the winch from afar. It is an excellent choice for when you need to pull another vehicle out of a ditch or recover an object from a farther away from where you’re standing. The remote control system is also helpful.

Hydraulic winch:

Hydraulic winches are designed to be very strong. They do not require a winch motor or deep cycle batteries to work, so they will never run out of pulling power, and they are impervious to water damage. Hydraulic winches are popular in places with lots of rain or mud-like farms or construction sites; you can use your winch for hours on end without worrying about engine damage winch plate because there is no electric component used. In the system! On the other hand, though, most hydraulic winches need extra lines, and some minor plumbing which means not every vehicle will be compatible with it, so make sure you do your research before purchasing if that is a concern.

2. Winch Cable Rope:

Winch Cable Rope when it comes to winch rope, there are two choices: synthetic rope and steel cable.

Steel cable:

The steel cable is a strong non-breakable product that can be that is used in abrasive terrains. Put one to good use in your off-roading adventures, where you might often come across mud and rocks because you need something that will hold up during such situations. 

However, steel winch cable can fray, rust, and even break during everyday use. You should always wear hand leather gloves to avoid any unnecessary accidents or injuries for yourself or others who may be around!

Synthetic rope :

Synthetic rope is lighter than steel cables and can be handled more easily than steel cables. Synthetic ropes are better for trailing all the winches and recovery. Synthetic ropes are less susceptible to chemicals, heat, UV, abrasion, and chemicals than steel cables.

3. Winch Motors

Winch Motors Electrical winches can be equipped with either one or two types of DC motors.

Permanent magnet motors:

Permanent magnet motor winches are safer and more affordable than series wound winches when you need to pull heavy-duty winch loads over long distances. You should consider the time it takes to pull a permanent magnet motor drive winch. They are less sensitive to heat and more powerful and can lose power in extremely cold conditions.

 Series wound motors:

The motor which uses the field coils to generate magnetic fields is an excellent option for heavy-duty use but can get quite expensive. If you need more cost-efficient and could work in cold weather conditions, try going with the series wound electric motor instead.

4. Winch Drivetrains

Winch Drivetrains – There are three options for winch gears: planetary gear (spun gear) and worm gear (worm gear).

Planetary gear:

It is the most common set of gears that many people will use. It’s got many benefits, such as compact nature, low cost, and lightweight compared to other types of gear. These gears are in the middle of friction and amp draw under load because they’re not like worm-gear style mechanisms but resemble a series of worm wheels.

Nowadays, it’s also common for winches to be outfitted with planetary gear ratio sets. These winches use internal brakes so that when spooling out synthetic rope under load, it doesn’t heat up from increased friction forces on the brake itself!

Worn gear:

This type of gear is weaker compared to planetary and spun gears. Worm gear winches are slower than the other two types, but it can be advantageous because they will not allow any backlash to occur.

Spun gear:

They are an incredibly cost-efficient option for pulling vehicles’ power out of the mud, ice, and snow. They have a more pulling power transfer efficiency of 75%. The legendary Warn 8274-50 is one of the only high-performing winches with a spun gearing system still in production.

5. Winch capacity:

Rated line pull is an essential factor to consider before purchasing a winch. A winch’s mechanical specifications will tell you how much it can pull. The most important thing is to ensure that the winch matches your vehicle’s GVWR. Since these ratings are longer than your gross vehicle weight, first, you consider winch capacity.

6. Winch remote Controls:

Remote control systems allow you to control the winch direction safely. There are two types of remotes: corded and wireless. Be sure it comes with a remote control system when choosing a winch. It’s better if the winch offers wireless remote control solutions.

7. Winch Mounting Options:

You need to determine the best winch place to mount the winch on your truck. You don’t want it in a place that will damage your truck or a too visible place.

There are three types of systems that you can mount your winch.

Bumper mount:

They’re very convenient and easy to install off-road bumper mounts. Bumper mounts provide excellent versatility since they can quickly move the truck from one place to another.

Winch bumper:

This mounting method is growing in popularity among off-roaders. This bumper looks almost like a part of your vehicle.

Multi mount:

This mounting method is more complicated than the bumper-mounted winch. Because of the mounting point, it is less durable. But it can also be a more aerodynamic aftermarket winch bumper mount.

7. Cable length:

While choosing your winch, consider what type of terrain you’re planning to use the winch for. Are you going to be rock climbing? Or simply pulling in a fallen tree trunk or boat that accidentally got stuck on a riverbank? The average cable length will vary depending on the application – choose one that suits the job best! Should you require further assistance in this regard, feel free to ask the seller for further information about purchasing the correct size for your needs.

9. waterproofing:

As a winch in the outdoors, you will encounter various harsh elements during your time spent there. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that you get waterproof motor housing on your winch.

It will protect it from damage which, of course, means the winch’s surface should match in quality and be capable of withstanding any environment. However, more vital here than waterproofing your motor housing is how well the gear trains are installed and their ability to withstand harsh conditions.


Size & Width Guide To What Size winch Do I Need?

It’s easy to ask questions like that, but what if you don’t know the answer? Well, that’s where this article can help you. This size winch guide will show you what size winch you need and how to pull a truck with the help of good winch brands. We hope it will help you get the job done without harming your safety.

What size winch should I need?

For example, if you want to pull a truck, you might need a different size winch than if you want to pull a car. The important thing is that you research to figure out what size winch is the right winch for you.

What size winch should I use?

If you’re looking for a guide to size winch, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is for size winch only. If you want to pull a truck, you should go for a size winch.

How to pull a truck without a winch?

If you don’t know what size winch you need, or if you are unsure of the width of the road, then this guide is for you. This guide will show you what size winch you need and how to pull a truck. Just be sure to understand the dimensions of the road and make sure your winch can handle the truck’s weight with military-grade materials.

If you don’t have a winch, how can you pull a truck with a winch?

The answer is both. You can use a standard 3-ultra-wide winch of the same length as your winching equipment, or you can use a shorter, but still long, winch of the same width as your equipment, but not both simultaneously.

How to pull a truck with a winch?

If you’re looking to pull a truck, you’re right. This size winch guide will show you how to do it. You’ll also find tips on what size winch to use and how to store the tool. All of this, without taking the time to get into too much detail. So, next time you’re wondering what size winch to use for a truck, take a look at this article.

How to pull a truck with a winch and an outboard engine?

If you’re looking to pull a truck, you’ll need at least one air compressor, one-and-a-half tonnes of pressure washer, and a one-inch hog weight winch. If you’re looking to pull a truck, you’ll need at least four air compressors, four-and-a-half tonnes of pressure washers, and a one-inch hog weight winch. That’s all you need to get started!

Tips for Safe Work with a Winch.

A winch can be used for many different tasks, but it’s essential to understand winches’ role. This guide will help you understand the role of a winch and how to pull a truck. Remember to keep your distance from the winch, and be sure to have your training (and safety) in place) when working with a winch.